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Jai Shri Krishna!! Today we are going to talk about the Mars planet. Mars has been given the designation of the War Minister among planets. It is a fierce red-hot planet, and it has energy in abundance. Its nature is like a soldier who would either kill or be killed. Backing-off is not the nature of Mars. There is no other alternative to this planet. Even if it backs off due to any reason, it would always try to find out the ways to avenge its revenge.The energy of This planet needs to be released, usually through actions and physical means. The positive influence of this fiery planet is associated with courage, enthusiasm, activity, youth, vitality, dynamism, confidence, initiation, innovation, and originality.

Mars likes challenges and win despite all odds. Mars energy also represents sportsman energy. To be a good sportsman requiring high physical exertions, a well placed Mars is a must.Mars governed individuals with a high competitive spirit. To accept defeat is not in their dictionaries. You can easily identify a Mars individual if the person is highly active and aggressive. Such a person’s energy shall be channeled in the right direction; otherwise, they usually create destructive tendencies. Its power can be both constructive as well as harmful.Depending upon how it is used and where Mars is placed, Mars results can be predicted.

A person should have well balanced Mars in his horoscope; otherwise, an off-balanced Mars may make the person either too timid or on extreme side violent and destructive.  A bad Mars would lead a person to utilize his energies at wrong places, which would invite for troubles. A person with low Mars energywould have low vitality & stamina, muscular weakness, inflammation, headache, high fever, etc. Its negative influence connotes arrogance, ego, anger, stubbornness, selfish temperament, recklessness, harm to self through injury, wounds, accidents. It may also lead toodd and undesired sexual urges.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Mars is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our astrologers to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your chart.


The general significators/characteristics of the planet Mercury in Vedic astrology

 Transit in each sign 45 days
 Direction South
 Metal Copper
 Gem Red Coral
 Day Tuesday
 Color Red
 Temperament Hot, Malefic
 Gender Male
Ruling Body Part Bone marrow and red blood cells
Status in Imperial Stars Defense Minister
Friends Jupiter, Moon, Sun
 Enemies Saturn
Neutral Venus, Mercury
Own Sign Aries, Scorpio
 Exalted in Capricorn
Debilitated in Cancer
MoolTrikon Aries
Mahadasha Period 7 Years
Relation Siblings
Professions Surgery, farming, property, weapon dealing, police, military, sports, mathematics, defense, law, mechanics, automobile, mining, technology, explosives, red grams, iron and steel, and corals.

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