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Jai Shree Krishna!! In our series today, we are going to discuss the planet Mercury. Mercury in astrology is considered as a Prince and significator of intelligence in the chart. This planet also governs the logic and your ability to negotiate, coordinate, and process the information.It is a very fast-moving planet, and it takes only 88 days to orbit the Sun.

If Mercury influences the person, then the person is likely to be a good communicator, and he will have the power to persuade the other people with his logic and speech. Mercury people use intellect as a tool to find a way through the circumstances. These people may be good at sports also since Mercury is a young and restless planet, and they may find release in sports activities too. Still, these would be the kind of intelligent sportsmen, unlike Mars, who depend upon their aggression to tackle their opponents. The quality of Mercury is that no matter how much you disintegrate it, it can come to its original state very soon.

In your chart, the placement of Mercury also shows how you would be going to use your intelligence. On what aspects of your life, your intellect would be used. You would have seen many people are great with their professions when it comes to making the logical decisions, but they are not so good at other matters like family, children etc. The placement of Mercury determines this.

The bad effects of Mercury are that it gives the person an unstable mind, lack of rationality, and speech disorders.The person may not be a good communicator, and many have memory issues. He may also suffer from nervous disorders and find learning difficult. The person may find problems in gaining deep insight into things. Such a person usually struggles in social situations due to communication blunders and bad expression.The person may also be troubled by skin problems is the Mercury is afflicted.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Mercury is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our astrologers to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your chart.

The general significators/characteristics of the planet Mercury in Vedic astrology

 Direction North
 Metal Lead
 Gem Emerald
 Day Wednesday
 Color Green
 Temperament Mixed
 Gender Neutral
Ruling Body Part Nervous System and Skin
Status in Imperial Stars Prince
Friends Sun, Venus
 Enemies Moon
Neutral Saturn, Mars
Own Sign Gemini, Virgo
 Exalted in Virgo
Debilitated in Pisces
MoolTrikon Virgo
Mahadasha Period 17 Years
Relation Sisters
Professions Writing, literature, communication, media, consultancy, publishing, accounts, insurance, math, astrology, railway, trading, Mercury and Emerald related.

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