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Jai Shri Krishna!! Today we are going to discuss the planet Saturn. Saturn is a planet that moves very slowly, and it takes almost 2 ½ years for it to travel from one sign to another. It is a planet that gives abundant miseries and fortunes based on your Karma. It may change your circumstances suddenly for better or for worse. It teaches the individuals lessons like a strict teacher with no chance of escaping from its clutches. It teaches discipline with harsh measures but which are ultimately beneficial for the Karmic journey of an individual. It rewards highly if the individual persevered the test of times and had maintained discipline. Among the planets, it is one of the most feared planets because of the extreme miseries it can bestow upon a person if badly placed. Saturn Sade Satti period is very much feared due to the complete opposite changes it can bring to the individuals.

The person influenced by Saturn is disciplines and laborious in nature. They usually have difficulty expressing their emotions, but they can be highly ambitious. They keep their plans to themselves and like to work in a consistent and secretive manner. Since Saturn relates to old things, these individuals have a high interest in the collection of antiques and whatever is historical. These individuals have a high capacity to persevere despite the odd circumstances, and usually get rewarded for their labor later in age. Structure and Order are the keywords for the persons dominated by Saturn.

An ill-placed Saturn may give challenges in life. There may be escapist tendencies in such individuals, which further aggravate problems.These individuals lack consistency, structure, and discipline in their approach, and thus they are insulted at times, as Saturn wants you to work hard. It may also lead to extreme mental distress, aloofness in character, addictions, and even chronic illnesses in some cases. Adopting shortcuts and evading hard works may further intensify the problems.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Saturn is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our astrologers to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your chart.

The general significators/characteristics of the planet Saturn in Vedic astrology

 Transit in each sign 2.5 years
 Direction West
 Metal Iron
 Gem Blue Sapphire
 Day Saturday
 Color Blue
 Temperament Strict, Sorrowful
 Gender Male
Ruling Body Part Legs, nervous system, chronic diseases
Status in Imperial Stars Advisor
Friends Mercury, Venus
 Enemies Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral Jupiter
Own Sign Capricorn, Aquarius
 Exalted in Libra
Debilitated in Aries
MoolTrikon Aquarius
Mahadasha Period 19 Years
Relation Servants and Elderly People
Professions Mining, labor, oil, petroleum, agriculture, freezing, coal, leather goods, butchery, lead, blue sapphire.

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