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Jai Shri Krishna!! Today we are going to discuss one of the other most benefic planets in Astrology Venus. As Jupiter is on the spiritual plane, Venus is on the material plane. It symbolizes the art, beauty, creativity, and refined tastes. Venus governs the film industry. The influence of Venus is a must to get into professions related to acting, beauty related items, etc. It rules sensual pleasure too, and without it, a person can lose interest in sensual things.

A person governed by Venus would usually be beautiful, or he would have highly refined taste. Inclination towards luxurious items is seen in such types of person. These persons appreciate beauty and have an inbuilt interest in arts such as drawing, dancing, acting, etc. These types of persons usually hate confrontations and, if possible, would try to find out a diplomatic way to the solution. These are the lives of social parties, and people come attracted to them. They have a charm in their personality, which is difficult to resist.

Venus is all about the physical enjoyment which a person can enjoy on the planet called earth, whether it is eating good food, romantically involved with someone, and enjoying the other luxuries of lives, including expensive cars, beautiful houses, etc. Venus concerns itself with the pleasures associated with five senses, smell (the fragrances), savor (indulgent food), sound (music), sights (beauty, art), and touch (luxury textures). Charm, poise, elegance, politeness, and culture also come under the domain of this exquisite planet.Venus is the planet of love, relationships, beauty, and finances. It guides the way we think about love, how we feel about being in a partnership, how we act on our needs and desires, and the role money and people play in our lives. A well placed Venus gives all this to the natives, whereas a poorly placed venus will devoid the individuals of such enjoyments.

If Venus is afflicted or debilitated in a horoscope, the individual fails to enjoy the riches of life. Such a person, even if he has good material wealth due to other planets, may not be able to enjoy it. His home would remain in a shabby state despite wealth, and such a person may lack refined tastes. He would also lack mental peace and satisfaction, which may lead the native towards the fulfillment of sensual desires as a compensatory means. Weak placement of Venus can also make the person impotent or struggle in progeny matters, especially if under strong affliction. An afflicted Venus can also give health problems like diabetes, thyroid, muscular weakness, vocal cords & throat-related problems, obesity, and a tendency to over-indulge.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Jupiter is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our astrologers to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your Chart.

The general significators/characteristics of the planet Venus in Vedic astrology

 Transit in each sign 28 days
 Direction South-east
 Metal Silver
 Gem Diamond
 Day Friday
 Color White
 Temperament Hot, Passionate
 Gender Female
Ruling Body Part Private parts, reproduction, semen
Status in Imperial Stars Advisor
Friends Mercury, Saturn
 Enemies Sun, Moon
Neutral Jupiter, Mars
Own Sign Taurus, Libra
 Exalted in Pisces
Debilitated in Virgo
MoolTrikon Libra
Mahadasha Period 20 Years
Relation Partner
Professions Literature, performing arts (music, drama, dance), jewelry, vehicles, luxury items, diamonds, cinema, art forms, perfumes, silk etc.

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