Vastu Tips 2022 – Before you buy a new house, follow these Vastu tips

Vastu Tips 2022: If you are going to buy a house in the new year, then keep these Vastu tips in mind, otherwise you may have to face Vastu defects.

Everyone wants growth, prosperity, and good health in their life. However, many times, in spite of all our efforts, problems and troubles go on in our lives today. Vastu defects can also be a reason behind all these problems. According to Vastu Shastra, the structure of our house or the environment around it leads to the flow of positive and negative energy in our life.

Vastu is the science of keeping the five elements of nature in their right position and in the right position. It is very important to set up our surroundings to attract positive energy, which has the power to bring prosperity, growth, and happiness to our lives. There are only a few days left for the new year to come, if you are thinking of buying a house in the new year, then you need to pay attention to these Vastu tips. If you are not able to do this then it can create a big problem in your life.

Vastu Tips for Home in 2022

  1. If you are thinking of taking a plot or are thinking of getting a house, then keep in mind that all four corners of the house are equal and no corner should be cut off. According to Vastu, the shape of the house or plot should be square or rectangular. Such land is considered auspicious.
  2. Before taking a house, also keep in mind that the house you are going to take should have enough light. Sunlight enters the house. According to Vastu, negative energy resides in a house that does not receive sunlight.
  3. According to Vastu Shastra, your house should not be built on the land on which thorny trees have grown or there are pits in the ground. In such a situation, you may have to face many difficulties in life.
  4. According to Vastu Shastra, avoid south-west facing houses. The ladder should always be clockwise and not in the northeast direction. The kitchen should be in the southeast or northwest direction. It should not be in the North-East direction. The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction. It should not be in the southeast direction. The toilet should be in the North-West direction. It should not be in the North-East direction.
  5. According to Vastu Shastra, while buying a house, keep in mind that there should not be any tree, pillar, or temple in front of the house. These things create Vastu defects. Apart from this, there should not be any well or pond, etc. in the southwest direction of the house in or near that place.

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