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privacy & policy

Privacy Policy

We at the Astrolozer/Xperminents takes the Privacy of our Customer seriously. We take almost all the precautions to safeguard the Information of our Customers. Our Policy on the usage and processing of data derived from the Customers is mentioned below:

1. Encouragement not to reveal real Identity:

As a part of ensuring Data Protection, we encourage Customers not to disclose their real Identity wherever possible.

2. Usage of Log-in Data:

There are two kinds of Personal Data obtained by Web-site, one data is essential for Log-in purpose, and another set of Data is required at the time of asking the query by the Customer. TheseData are kept entirely confidential by the Company. Log-in, however, is used by the Company to send promotional offers and is kept limited to this purpose. The Customer at any time has an objection to receiving the notifications; then, we can even immediately disable the notifications. The Customer would immediately cease to receive any information.

3. Usage of personal Information apart from Log-in Data:

The Customer information provided at the time of asking the query is also kept completely confidential. However, it is onlymonitored to gauge the quality of the response to the customers by the Consultants. It is also monitored to ensure the astrologer is not in any way soliciting the Customer or working against the terms and conditions of the Website.

However, the information details of the Customer are masked from the Reviewer. It is only when the Reviewer notices any chat/talks which are against the terms and conditions of the Web-site, then Reviewer may inform the Admin about the same. However, Admin is never provided the detailed Information but of the violations only. Admin can appoint a Committee of two independent persons, to know the nature of breaches on the matter. These Committee members would also not be entitled to know the identity of the Customer. Since the Admin is not allowed to know the details of the Chat/talks, etc., the Information becomes a piece of unidentifiable Information protecting the personal Information and Direct identification.

Also, the Information would be available and used by the Consultant for giving prediction/consultations by whatever name called, only till the time he gives a prediction, later the Customer information is not even visible to the Consultant even.

4. Use of Customer Behaviour Data:

When you visit Web-site and interact with the services and tools that reside there, Astrolozer and third parties with whom Astrolozer has contracted to provide services to Astrolozer may collect Information on your actions. The Information is collected through your browser, through cookies and various other means. The purpose of this information collection is generally to gather broad demographic Information that is not personal. We also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our software or our server and to administer our Website. We track the visitor IP address to get more Information on visitor's demography e.g. which parts of the world our traffic comes from. We may collect OS types used, screen resolutions, and time spent on the Website and applications to analyse trends, administer and troubleshoot the portals, understand user linking and disliking within the portals. All of this Information is used for gathering broad demographic data to enhance the performance and services of the site.

The Information collected through this means is usually indented to be used as Unidentifiable Information and based on which the configurations are set. These can also be used to enhance a particular customer personalized experience.

5. Payment Information of the Customers:

We do not store any payment information of the Customer of the Web-site, and all this Information is managed through the third party Vendor. We are making sure that the third parties properly secure these, and they had taken proper insurance for these. We would endeavor to get you compensated immediately due to any malfunction, breach of Security of such third party payment gateways; however, we shall never be responsible for compensating any such loss to you directly.

6. Right to control, use, delete data by the Customers:

At Astrolozer, the emphasis is on no interference with the Data of the Customer and with a Customer shall have a complete right to manage his Data. A customer at any time is entitled to delete his entire Data, including Log-in Data. The step is immediate and without any approvals.

7. Use of Unidentifiable Data:

The Company can develop an Algorithm to derive reports from the Customers Data, Customer Behaviour Data, which can not be attributable to a particular customer. These activities can be taken to know the nature and behavior of the Customer.

8. Non-Selling of Data:

The Company assures that it does not sell any kind of Customer's Data to the third party.

9. Recording of Chat/Talk Data:

For Customer to view his history, as well as for Quality monitoring purpose, the Customers agrees and assents that he is fully aware that the Information is recorded on the Website.

10. Age Restriction:

The Web-site does not have any such content which can be derogatory to any Children. However, since it involves discretion on the spending of the amount on entertain, we recommend the Children below 15 not to use this Website.