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terms and conditions

1. Pricing Fixation

We try to fix the best prices for our customers in consultation with the Consultants on the Website. We try to ensure that the prices are competitive, however, at the same time trying to ensure that you get the best services and value for your money. However, we would be happy to help you if you, at any time, find our competitor's prices better and have any advice on the same at info@astrolozer.com. Please consider the other important factors also like experience, expertise etc. while suggesting for the same.

2. Pricing Schema

Our Pricing schema is based on the mechanism of Recharges to your Wallet and Cashbacks(which you can receive through Coupons). The recharges can be used to Chat/Call or receive Reports from a particular Consultant. The Pricing for Call/Chat is based on a per-minute charge basis. Any fractions thereof are rounded off to the minute for price calculation. Reports are chargeable on an actual basis.

3. Recharge Utilisation

The recharges (along with cashback) can be utilized during any period but not later than two years. However, as a Consultant gains experience and expertise, you may notice an increase in prices. Thus, at all times, the Pricing prevailing at the time of consultation shall be applicable and not at the time of recharge.

4. Pricing Errors

We intend to give you the best experience. We ensure that you can track and understand all your transactions with utmost ease like recharges, cashback, services availed, etc. However, at no point of time, the possibility of errors can be ruled out. We at Astrolozer would ensure that your problem is rectified if some mistake has been identified.

5. Refund Policy

At Astrolozer, we try to provide you with the best services and consultations. We would promptly ensure a refund for you in case you have faced a technical problem or snag during your interaction with the Consultant. We would process the amount of refund depending upon the time which got wasted. However, at times, you may not agree with the Consultant's opinion. Please note that in case of a difference of opinion, we have a no refund policy. However,

6. Refusal to Serve a Customer

We at Astrolozer shall have the complete right to refuse a Customer or block his accounts, in case we noticed that the Customer had formed many accounts to take any unnecessary advantage of any offer or scheme. We can also block the account of a customer if his/her behavior has been unruly with the consultants. In these cases, any recharge amount lying on account of Customer shall be liable to be forfeited.

7. Provision of Services

Our service is offered for sale by Xperiment Solutions Pvt Ltd ("Xperiment") under the brand "Astrolozer". All the transactions on the Website are managed by Xperiment only.

8. Role of Xperiment and Astrolozer

The role of Xperiment is limited to the provision of an online platform, namely “Astrolozer” for Consultants and Customers to interact. We at all times disclaim any express or implied warranty made on the Website. For any details, please refer to our Disclaimer also.

9. Support

To notify any error or clarifications or help on any other matter, please feel free to reach us info@astrolozer.com.